Quantitative trait loci (QTLs) that are entered in CottonGen are searchable from the QTL Search option under the Search menu in the header.  QTLs may be searched using trait keywords, published symbols (see the Cotton Trait Ontology list in the Data header menu), or unique identifiers assigned by CottonGen.  

Figure 21.  CottonGen QTL Search interface.

The results are returned in a downloadable table (Fig. 22A) with hyperlinks to more information about the QTL, the map it is located on, and the associated trait name and symbol.  Clicking on the QTL label opens the overview page which has a link to map positions (Fig. 22B).  From the map position table, the QTL can be viewed in MapViewer or CMap. 

Figure 22.  CottonGen QTL Search results.