To search sequences, select Sequence Search from the Search header menu.  This is useful for retrieving information about certain sequences from a larger dataset, or all the sequences from one or more datasets.  The Gene and Transcript Search is limited to genes and transcripts, whereas the Sequence Search includes other sequence types.  Use fewer filters to obtain broader results and more filters to narrow your results, as setting multiple filters will only return results matching all criteria.  This is not a BLAST search; that is available under the Tools menu. 

Sequence searches can be limited by species and sequence type (Fig. 23A).   The search can also be restricted to a certain genome dataset and further by chromosome or scaffold location (Fig. 23B).  The sequences in CottonGen can also be searched individually by name or in groups by uploading a text file with multiple names (Fig. 23C).      

Figure 23. CottonGen Sequence Search interface.

Search results are returned in a table with hyperlinks to more information (Fig. 24A).  The table can be downloaded, as well as a Fasta file of those sequences (Fig. 24B).  A new search may be performed by changing the filters or using the Reset button.

Figure 24.  CottonGen Sequence Search results.