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Query Type Database Type BLAST Program
Nucleotide Nucleotide blastn: Search a nucleotide database using a nucleotide query.
Protein blastx: Search protein database using a translated nucleotide query.
Protein Nucleotide tblastn: Search translated nucleotide database using a protein query.
Protein blastp: Search protein database using a protein query.
BLAST Reference
Altschul,S.F., Gish,W., Miller,W., Myers,E.W. and Lipman,D.J. (1990) Basic local alignment search tool. J. Mol. Biol., 215, 403–410.
Database Name Source
=== Peptides ===  
All Gossypium Proteins A Combination of Proteins from NCBI, UniprotKB and Gossypium whole genome sequensing projects
GenBank Gossypium NR Sequences NCBI GenBank Gossypium NR Sequences, updated 2018-11-29
UniProtKB Gossypium Sequences UniProtKB Gossypium Sequences,  updated 2018-11-29
=== Nucleotides ===  
GenBank Gossypium Sequences NCBI GenBank Gossypium NT, EST, and GSS Sequences (WGS and RefSeq not included), updated 2018-11-29
CottonGen Markers CottonGen RAD, RFLP, SSR, SNP marker sequences, updated 2018-11-29
CottonGen RefTrans Gossypium species specific assemblies of filtered RNA-seq reads and unigenes performed by CottonGen, 2016-11-14
Gossypium Gene, CDS and Unigenes Gossypium genes, CDS, and unigenes from NCBI, PlantGDB, TIGR, cotton community, and whole genoe sequence projects
=== Whole Genomes ===  
Gossypium hirsutum HAU G. hirsutum (AD1) Genome HAU Assembly v1.0 & Annotation v1.0, [TM-1], 2018-12-03 new
Gossypium hirsutum JGI G. hirsutum (AD1) Genome JGI (Texas Interim release) Assembly v1.0 & Annotation v1.1, [TM-1], 2017-09-04
Gossypium hirsutum NBI G. hirsutum (AD1) Genome NAU-NBI Assembly v1.1 & Annotation v1.1, [TM-1], 2015-04-20
Gossypium hirsutum BGI G. hirsutum (AD1) Genome CGP-BGI Assembly v1.0 & Annotation v1.0, [TM-1], 2015-04-20
Gossypium barbadense HAU v2 G. barbadense (AD2) Genome NAU Assembly v2.0 & Annotation v1.0, [3-79], 2018-12-03 new
Gossypium barbadense HAU G. barbadense (AD2) Genome HAU Assembly v1.0 & Annotation v1.0, [3-79], 2016-03-25
Gossypium arboreum NCGR contigs & scaffolds only G. arboreum (A2) Genome NCGR shotgun sequences downloaded from NCBI, [AKA 8401], 2015-01-23
Gossypium arboreum BGI G. arboreum (A2) Genome BGI Assembly v2.0 & Annotation v1.0, [Shi Xi Ya 1], 2014-05-31
Gossypium raimondii JGI G. raimondii (D5) genome JGI assembly v2.0 annotation v2.1), [germplasm unknown], 2013-02-18
Gossypium raimondii BGI G. raimondii (D5) genome BGI-CGP draft assembly & annotation v1.0, [D5-3], 2012-01-11