Gossypium australe (G2) genome CRI assembly v1.1

Genome Overview
Analysis NameGossypium australe (G2) genome CRI assembly v1.1
MethodPacBio Sequel and MECAT v. 1.0
Date performed2019-10-06

About the assembly

The Gossypium australe PA1801(G2-lz) genome was sequenced and assembled with a combination of four technologies: Pacbio single-molecule real-time (SMRT) sequencing, paired-end sequencing, optical mapping (DLS) and Illumina short-read Hi-C. Assembly with these complementary data types proceeded in a stepwise fashion, producing progressively improved assemblies stored under NCBI BioProject PRJNA513946.

 Assembly Summary G. australe
 Total sequence length 1,743,386,794
 Total ungapped length 1,728,043,998  
 Gaps between scaffolds 0
 Number of scaffolds 564
 Scaffold N50 143,600,552
 Scaffold L50 6
 Number of contigs 2,352
 Contig N50 1,901,092
 Contig L50 254
 Total number of chromosomes and plasmids  13
 Number of component sequences (WGS or clone) 564


Cai, Y., Cai, X., Wang, Q., Wang, P., Zhang, Y., Cai, C., Xu, Y., Wang, K., Zhou, Z., Wang, C., Geng, S., Li, B., Dong, Q., Hou, Y., Wang, H., Ai, P., Liu, Z., Yi, F., Sun, M., An, G., Cheng, J., Zhang, Y., Shi, Q., Xie, Y., Shi, X., Chang, Y., Huang, F., Chen, Y., Hong, S., Mi, L., Sun, Q., Zhang, L., Zhou, B., Peng, R., Zhang, X. and Liu, F. (2019) Genome sequencing of the Australian wild diploid species Gossypium austral highlights disease resistance and delayed gland morphogenesis. Plant Biotechnol. J., https://doi.org/10.1111/pbi.13249

Additional information about this analysis:
Property NameValue
Analysis Typewhole_genome
Short NameCRI-G2_v1.1

The chromosomes (pseudomolecules) and scaffolds for G. australe genome. These files belong to the CRI-G2 Assembly v1.1

Chromosomes & scaffolds (FASTA format) G.australe_CRI-G2_assembly_v1.1.fasta.gz

The predicted gene model, their alignments and proteins for G. australe genome. These files belong to the CRI-G2 Assembly 1.1

Predicted gene models with exons (GFF3 format) G.australe_CRI-G2_v1.1_functional.gff.gz
Coding sequences, CDS (FASTA format) G.australe_CRI-G2_v1.1_cds.fasta.gz
Protein sequences (FASTA format) G.australe_CRI-G2_v1.1_pep.fasta.gz
mRNA sequences (FASTA format) G.australe_CRI-G2_v1.1_mRNA.fasta.gz

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