Species Overview Page

Species pages can be accessed under the 'species' pull-down menu in the main navigation bar. Each species has an overview page for users easily access the data and tools for the species of interest.   

The species pages have a resources bar on the left panel so that users can quickly access data and tools for the species. Depending on the species, more or less items will be displayed on the resource bar. Below are some items in the resource bars.

1. Genome(s)
Where whole genome sequences are available, hyperlinks to each genome assembly page are shown on the resources bar.

2. Germplasm
The germplasm page provides a list of germplasm that are stored in CottonGen.

3. Sequences
Each species page has a hyperlink to the corresponding NCBI core nucleotide sequence page (downloaded from NCBI) for the species

4. Maps
Each species page has hyperlink to dynamically generated list of the genetic maps that are available in CottonGen.

5. Tools
The links subpage shows various useful links outside CottonGen for the species.

6. PathwaysCyc
Where PlantCyc databases are available for a species, hyperlinks to each PlantCyc page are shown on the resources bar. The predicted genes from the whole genome sequences were utilized in the construction of PlantCyc (metabolic pathway) databases using PathwayTools.

If you have any questions/comments/feedback about the species site, please let us know via the contact form.