To search the markers in CottonGen, click on the Search menu in the header and select Search Markers.  The Marker Search is useful for retrieving information about markers and can be broad or very specific depending on the parameters used.  Markers can be searched individually by name or in groups by uploading a text file with multiple marker names.  Filters can be set for marker type, cotton genome group, original marker species, and location (Fig. 17A).  Alternatively, searches may be performed on only those markers that are mapped or are near a specific locus or QTL.  Markers may also be browsed by associated genetic maps, chromosome positions, or genome groups (Fig. 17B).

Figure 17.  CottonGen Marker Search interface.

Search results are returned in table format, which is downloadable, as are associated sequences in Fasta format (Fig 18A).  Clicking on a marker name displays the marker's page with information such as alignments and map positions (Fig. 18B).  If you would like to change the search, either edit the parameters or click the reset button.

Figure 18.  Marker Search results.