ICGI Conference 2021 - Tours


jerusalem - https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/7/7e/PikiWiki_Israel_40064_Geography_of_Israel.JPG/640px-PikiWiki_Israel_40064_Geography_of_Israel.JPGTour 1: Jerusalem, August 2, 2021 (07:00-16:00)

A full-day guided tour of the Old City of Jerusalem, exploring the historic Holy City for Christianity, Islam and Judaism.

The tour will include lunch.

Price: 110 USD



Tour 2: Cotton Production, August 5, 2021 (07:00-16:00)

A professional tour dedicated to cotton production and related aspects: interspecific hybrid cotton seed production; Pima and hybrid cotton commercial production; applied biotechnology research; drip irrigation company.

The tour will include lunch.

Price included in registration fee for participants and companions.




Tour 3: Israel Agriculture, August 5, 2021 (16:00) - August 6, 2021 (18:00)

A glimpse into Israeli agriculture. The tour focus in Northern Israel, starting at the ending point of the cotton tour (tour 2).

The tour will include dinner, accommodation in the Galilee (including breakfast) and lunch.

Tour is limited to participants and students. Companions can join upon availability.

Price: 360 USD





Tour 4: Dead Sea and Masada, August 6, 2021 (06:00-18:00)

A full-day guided tour of Masada, a UNESCO world heritage site overlooking the Dead Sea. The visit of Masada will be followed by relaxation at the therapeutic Dead Sea, located at the lowest place on earth (420m below sea level).

The tour will include lunch.

Price: 110 USD



*Tours have a minimum and maximum number of participants. Confirmation of tour registration will be sent.


Official Israel Tourist Information Site



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