ICGI Conference 2021 - Registration

Registration and abstract submission will begin on March 1, 2021

Abstract submission ends April 9, 2021


Process of Registration, Payment and Abstract Submission. (*indicates required steps):

  1. * Can you find your name on https://www.cottongen.org/find/icgi/members/list?

IF YES, go to step 2 (as you are an ICGI member thus have an ICGI account)

IF NO,   you need become an ICGI member by following the instructions at https://www.cottongen.org/user/register

  1. Log-in (https://www.cottongen.org/user/login) to your account to get to your member page.  You should see a block ‘ICGI Conference 2021’ on the upper-right.
  2. * Click on the link 'Register' within the block ‘ICGI Conference 2021’ then follow the instructions.
  3. Pay the ICGI Participant and Student Conference Registration fee using the payment form.
  4. Pay additional fees, including companion(s), registration fees and tour fees, using the same payment form.
    If you do not need separate receipts, all payments can be made at once.
  5. Receive payment receipt(s) by email(s) from 'HUJI Team' Subject '(#xxxx) HUJI Forwarding Confirmation - Receive Mail from icgi.conf@mail.huji.ac.il'
  6. Receive registration approval email from 'icgi-admin@bioinfo.wsu.edu' Subject ‘[CottonGen] ICGI Conference 2021 Registration has been approved’
  7. Submit abstract from the link on your member page. You need to receive the email approving your registration before submitting abstracts.

For questions about ICGI membership, registration, and abstract submission,  contact jing.yu@wsu.edu
For questions about payments, contact icgi.conf@mail.huji.ac.il


Registration Fees (US $)*
Participant $400
Student  $150
Companion ** $150
Tour Fees (US $)***
Tour 1 - Jerusalem, Aug. 2, 2021 $110
Tour 2 - Cotton Production, Aug. 5, 2021   0
Tour 3 - Israel Agriculture, Aug. 5-6, 2021 $360
Tour 4 - Dead Sea, Aug. 6, 2021 $110

*     Regular participant and student fees include participation in welcome reception, gala dinner, professional tour, lunches and coffee breaks.
**   Companion fee includes participation in welcome reception, gala dinner and professional tour.  
*** Tours have a minimum and maximum number of participants. Confirmation of tour registration will be sent once the required minimum is met.

Refund Policy
All fees will be refunded in the following cases:
  -  visa application is denied
  -  submitted abstract rejected or transferred from oral to poster presentation
Tour fees will be refunded if participation in tour is not confirmed.



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