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CottonGen RefTrans combines peer-reviewed published RNA-Seq and EST data sets to create a Reference Transcriptome (RefTrans) for individual Gossypium species and provides putative gene function identified by homology to known proteins.  The transcriptome and associated annotation are available to download, search by name, keyword (functional description), or mapped location, and view on the genome through JBrowse.

Species RNA-Seq + EST reads RefTrans stats Analysis details and Data downloads
G. arboreum 43 million + 64,798 30,964 Gossypium arboreum CottonGen RefTrans V1
G. barbadense 2.5 billion + 39,115 57,777 Gossypium barbadense CottonGen RefTrans V1
G. hirsutum 2.76 billion + 337,811 93,449 Gossypium hirsutum CottonGen RefTrans V1
G. raimondii 545 million + 63,577 31,990 Gossypium raimondii CottonGen RefTrans V1