The Genotype Search can be accessed through the Search menu in the header.  By default, the search will be looking for SSR markers.  SNP markers can be selected by clicking the tab at the top of the User Interface (Fig. 11A).  Specific markers can be searched for by name, or the CottonGen marker database can be filtered by dataset (Fig. 11B), germplasm (Fig. 11C) and species.  SNP markers may also be filtered by chromosome or scaffold position (will be .  Note that setting multiple filters will only return results matching all criteria.

Figure 11.  CottonGen Genotype Search interface.


Results are returned in a table that can be downloaded in multiple configurations (Fig. 12A).  Hyperlinks can be used to view more detailed information (Fig. 12B).  Searches can be refined by editing the parameters or a new search can be initiated by clicking the reset button.

Figure 12.  CottonGen Genotype Search results.


Detailed marker information can be viewed (Fig. 13A), as well as associated alleles (Fig. 13B) and germplasms (Fig. 13C).

Figure 13.  CottonGen Genotype Search results details.