Genes and Transcripts

The Genes and Transcripts Search allows you to search sequences available in CottonGen using different parameters.  Some parameters return a broad range of results, while others can be used to find very specific data.  All genes/transcripts for a species can be selected (Fig. 9A) and either viewed together or filtered by name and/or location (Fig. 9B).  Searches can also be limited to datasets, such as genome and RefTrans assemblies or NCBI genes.

Figure 9.  CottonGen Genes and Transcript Search interface.

All search results are returned as a table with hyperlinks to more information (Fig. 10A).  The table can be downloaded, as well as a Fasta file of the returned sequences (Fig. 10B).  To do another search, click reset.

Figure 10. Gene and Transcript Search results table.