5 tetraploids (Chen et al, 2020) CottonGen anno-tool available (6/20)

The 5 Gossypium species genomes G. hirsutum, G. barbadense, G. tomentosum, G. mustelinum, and G. darwinii (AD1-AD5, Chen et al, 2020) CottonGen annotations and tools available

Access or download the AD1 (UTX v2.1) CottonGen annotations data: go to www.cottongen.org/data/download/genome_tetraploid/AD1
Access or download the AD2 (3-79_HGS), AD3, AD4, and AD5 CottonGen annotations data: go to www.cottongen.org/data/download/genome_tetraploid/AD2

Use Basic Local Alignment Search Tool (BLAST), go to www.cottongen.org/blast
View synteny among Cotton genomes, go to www.cottongen.org/synview/search