WHU genomes CottonGen annotation and tools available (5/20)

The Wuhan University (WHU) genomes G. herbaceum, G. arboreum, and G. hirsutum (A1, A2, and AD1. Huang et al., 2020) CottonGen annotation and tools available.

Access or download the A1 WHU and A2 WHU CottonGen annotations data: go to www.cottongen.org/data/download/genome_diploid_A_nd_D
Access or download the AD1 (WHU v1) CottonGen annotations data: go to www.cottongen.org/data/download/genome_tetraploid/AD1

Use Basic Local Alignment Search Tool (BLAST), go to www.cottongen.org/blast
View synteny among Cotton genomes, go to www.cottongen.org/synview/search