2018 ICGI Conference Program (0525)

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Date Morning Afternoon Evening
Monday May 28, 2018   Badge Pickup starts from 4 pm Welcome Reception
Tuesday May 29, 2018 Breeding and Applied Genomics Structural Genomics Group Dinner
Wednesday May 30, 2018 Germplasm and Genetic Stocks Functional Genomics Dinner on your own
Thursday May 31, 2018 Comparative Genomics and Bioinformatics On your own to explore Edinburgh  
Friday June 1, 2018
Chartered Bus Tour


May 28 Activities
4 - 6 pm Badge Pickup JMCC Foyer
6 - 7 pm Executive Committee Meeting JMCC Salisbury
7 - 9 pm Welcome Reception JMCC Centro
May 29 AM   Breeding and Applied Genomics
7:30 am Breakfast JMCC Cafe
8:30 am Welcome
8:45 am Plenary John Hickey
9:15 am Plenary Chee, Peng
9:45 am 15'-1 Gapare, Washington Prospects for genomic selection in cotton breeding: an Australian case study
10:00 am 15'-2 Zhang, Xianlong Cotton genomics is providing rational ways for gene finding and genetic improvement
10:15 am Beverage break
10:45 am 15'-3 Chomet, Paul
11:00 am 5'-1 Scheffler, Jodi Proactive breeding for cotton diseases through international collaborations
11:05 am 5'-2 Fan, Shuli
11:10 am 5'-3 Hugie, Kari
11:15 am 5'-4 Lin, Zhongxu
11:20 am 5'-5 Pauli, Duke
11:25 am 5'-6 Koebernick, Jenny Testing and validating alleles (or QTLs) conferring resistance to reniform nematode, Rotylenchulus reniformis, from M713 Ren4 in a different genetic background
11:30 am 5'-7 Wang, Furong
11:35 am 5'-8 Zhang, Jingxia
12:00 pm Lunch JMCC Cafe
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May 29 PM   Structural Genomics
1:00 pm Plenary Chen, Z. Jeffrey Sequencing and comparative analyses of polyploid cotton genomes
1:30 pm Plenary Zhang, Tianzhen Reference genome sequences of two cultivated allotetraploid cottons
2:00 pm 15'-1 Guo, Wanzhen
2:15 pm 15'-2 Yuan, Youlu
2:30 pm 15'-3 Shang, Xiaoguang Cotton beta-glucosidase gene GhBG1A coordinates fiber transition from elongation to secondary cell wall deposition
2:45 pm Beverage break
3:15 pm 5'-1 Shen, Xinlian
3:20 pm 5'-2 Song, Guoli Progress in cotton functional genomics and structural genomics
3:25 pm 5'-3 Fang, David
3:30 pm 5'-4 Ishwarappa, S Katageri
3:35 pm 5'-5 Li, Zhikun Evolutionary, transcriptomic and functional analyses revealed a GST cluster played an important role in Verticillium wilt resistance in Gossypium hirsutum
3:40 pm 5'-6 Wang, Hongmei
3:45 pm 5'-7 Yang, Daigang Diallel analysis of Ekangmian 9 and other cotton varieties apparently resistant to Fusarium Wilt and tolerant to Verticillium Wilt
3:50 pm 5'-8 Yuan, Youlu
3:55 pm 5'-9 Zhang, Yan Laccase gene, GhLAC15, enhanced Verticillium wilt resistance via increasing defense-induced lignification and arabinose and xylose accumulation in the cell wall of Gossypium hirsutum
4:00 pm Business Meeting
6:30 pm The Caves Group Dinner, 12 Niddry Street South with music by Jack and the Box
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May 30 AM    Germplasm and Genetic Stocks
7:30 am Breakfast JMCC Cafe
8:30 am Plenary Udall, Joshua A The origin, diversity, and domestication of tetraploid cotton (G. hirsutum L. and G. barbadense L.)
9:00 am Plenary Campbell, Todd Prospects for using primitive landrace germplasm for cotton improvement
9:30 am 15'-1 Du, Xiongming Introgression leads to genetic divergence for maturity and fiber quality in upland cotton
9:45 am 15'-2 Ma, Zhiying
10:00 am 15'-3 Zhou, Baoliang
10:15 am Beverage break
10:45 am 5'-1 Ye, Wuwei Cotton DNA methylation and its analysis under the salt- & draught-stress
10:50 am 5'-2 Hague, Steve Utility of Germplasm from the NPGS in the Texas A&M University cotton breeding program
10:55 am 5'-3 Farooq, Muhammad Genotypic variations in salinity tolerance among BT-cotton
11:00 am 5'-4 Buyyarapu, Ramesh Development of reniform nematode resistance in cotton through molecular breeding
11:05 am Poster Session 1
12:00 pm Lunch JMCC Cafe
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May 30 PM    Functional Genomics
1:00 pm Plenary Jin, Shuangxia Recent progress and future prospect of cotton genome editing
1:30 pm Plenary Zhu, Yuxian
2:00 pm 15'-1 Zhu, Qian-Hao Temporal expression of MYB25-like homoeologs controls lint and fuzz development in cotton
2:15 pm 15'-2 Zhang, Dayong GhDRP1 regulates the drought response by directly interacting with GhHT1 in upland cotton
2:30 pm 15'-3 Husnain, Tayyab Multiple gene transformation in cotton to improve insect, weedicide resistance and fibre improvement
2:45 pm Beverage break
3:15 pm 5'-1 Tu, Lili
3:20 pm 5'-2 Zhu, Longfu
3:25 pm 5'-3 Guo, Qi Overexpression of a samphire high-affinity potassium transporter gene SbHKT enhances salt stress tolerance in transgenic cotton
3:30 pm 5'-4 Wang, Xingfen
3:35 pm 5'-5 Yan, Yuanyuan
3:40 pm 5'-6 Yang, Jun
3:45 pm 5'-7 Ling, Min
3:50 pm 5'-8 Guan, Xueying The role of noncoding RNA pattern and function in fiber cell
4:00 pm Poster Session 2
  Dinner on your own
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 May 31  Comparative Genomics and Bioinformatics
7:30 am Breakfast JMCC Cafe
8:30 am Plenary Wendel, Jonathan F. Biodiversity and the evolution of the cotton genome
9:00 am Plenary Main, Dorrie CottonGen: a database resource for genomics, genetics and breeding research
9:30 am 15'-1 Wang, Maojun
9:45 am 15'-2 Yu, Jing CottonGen BIMS for effective and efficient management of breeding data
10:00 am 15'-3 Peterson, Daniel G Kokia, Gossypioides, and Their Sister, Gossypium
10:15 am Beverage break
10:45 am 5'-1 Cheng, Chun-Huai How to effectively search and download data in CottonGen
10:50 am 5'-2 Hulse-Kemp, Amanda
10:55 am 5'-3 Zheng, Ping Visualization of conserved syntenic blocks among six cotton genomes in CottonGen
11:00 am 5'-4 Buble, Katheryn Using TripalMap for genetics research
11:05 am 5'-5 Xu, Zhenzhen GrTEdb: the first web-based database of transposable elements in cotton (Gossypium raimondii)
11:10 am 5'-6 Zhao, Tianlun
11:15 am 5'-7 Zhu, Guozhong Genomic screening for artificial selection during domestication and improvement in Upland cotton
11:20 am Poster Session 3
12:00 pm Lunch JMCC Cafe
  Afternoon on your own to explore Edinburgh
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 June 1 Bus Tour
7:00 am Breakfast JMCC Cafe
7:30 am Load Buses
9:15 am James Hutton Institute
     Gaynor Mackenzie & Robbie Waugh
12:00 pm Blair Athol Distillery 
1:00 pm Edradour Distillery
2:30 pm Blair Castle (lunch)
6:00 pm Arrive in Edinburgh
  Dinner on your own
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