me5od12-270, me5od12-270 (genetic_marker) gossypium spp

Marker Overview
Genbank IDN/A
SpeciesGossypium spp.

The following marker_locus feature(s) are an instance of this genetic_marker:

Feature NameUnique NameSpeciesType
me5od12-270me5od12-270Gossypium spp.marker_locus

Map Positions
#Map NameLinkage GroupBinChromosomePositionLocusMapViewer
1AD-genome wide Reference Map (2009)AD-genome wide Reference Map (2009).Ref-chr26N/AAD_chr.2626me5od12-270View
2TM-1 x Hai-7124, BC1 (2007)TM-1 x Hai-7124, BC1 (2007).TH-BC1_chr26N/AAD_chr.2636.6me5od12-270View
3TM-1 x Hai-7124, BC1 (2008)TM-1 x Hai-7124, BC1 (2008).TH-BC1.08_chr26/D12N/AAD_chr.2635.83me5od12-270View
File NameLegend
48_FISH_TAG-115-675.jpgTwenty-six individual cotton mitotic chromosomes with FISH signals derived from the chromosome-speciWc BACs, and comparisons of linkage and FISH maps. [Image from Wang 2007, TAG-115-675]