Gossypium spp.

Species Name spp.
Family Malvaceae
Scientific Name Gossypium irenaeum Lewto
Synonym N/A
Common Name N/A
GRIN Taxonomy GRIN
Geographic Origin N/A
Genome na
Haploid Chromosome Number n/a
Ploidy n/a
Propagation Method N/A
Fertile withN/A
Sterile withN/A
Incompatible withN/A
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Sequence [view all 564506 ]
Publication N/A
Description Gossypium spp.
CRI12 x J8891F1population
External Ovule (EO)TBD
Hypoaneuploid Hybridspopulation
Ji (Hebei) A-1-7 (line33)breeding_germplasm
Ji (Hebei) A-7-8 (line33)breeding_germplasm
MGG-293-793, MAGICpopulation
MGG-293-793, MPspopulation
Sic'on x F-177, F2population
Tetraploid Species Polycrosspopulation
XZM2 x (CRI12 x J8891F1)population

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Map Name Map Details
AD-genome wide Reference Map (2009)
Map Type : In_silico
Genome Group : AD
Monsanto SSR Bin Map, (2009)
Map Type : Bin
Population Type : F2
Genome Group : AD
Tetraploid Species Polycross (2009)
Map Type : Association
Population Type : SP
Genome Group : AD
Hypoaneuploid Hybrids
Map Type : Genetic
Population Type : haplo
Genome Group : AD
MGG-293-793, MAGIC (2018)
Analysis Method : general linear model and mixed linear model
Software : TASSEL 3.0
Map Type : genetic
Population Type : MAGIC
Population Size : 960
Genome Group : AD
Below is a list of unigenes available for Gossypium spp.. Click the unigene name for further details.
Unigene NameAnalysis NameDate ConstructedStats
Gossypium unigene v1.0Gossypium unigene v1.02012-09-27
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Library NameType