Construction of a linkage map and QTL mapping for fiber quality traits in upland cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.)

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TitleConstruction of a linkage map and QTL mapping for fiber quality traits in upland cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.)
AuthorsLiang Q, Hu C, Hua H, Li Z, Hua J
TypeJournal Article
Journal NameChinese science bulletin Kexue tongbao.
CitationLiang Q, Hu C, Hua H, Li Z, Hua J. Construction of a linkage map and QTL mapping for fiber quality traits in upland cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.). Chinese science bulletin Kexue tongbao.. 2013; 58(26):3233-3243.


With the development in spinning technology, the improvement of cotton fiber quality is becoming more and more important. The main objective of this research was to construct a high-density genetic linkage map to facilitate marker assisted selection for fiber quality traits in upland cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.). A genetic linkage map comprising 421 loci and covering 3814.3 cM, accounting for approximately 73.35% of the cotton genome, was constructed using an F₂ population derived from cross GX1135 (P₁)×GX100-2 (P₂). Forty-four of 49 linkage groups were assigned to the 26 chromosomes. Fiber quality traits were investigated in F₂ population sampled from individuals, and in F₂:₃, and F₂:₄ generations sampled by lines from two sites and one respectively, and each followed a randomized complete block design with two replications. Thirty-nine quantitative trait loci were detected for five fiber quality traits with data from single environments (separate analysis each): 12 for fiber length, five for fiber uniformity, nine for fiber strength, seven for fiber elongation, and six for fiber micronaire, whereas 15 QTLs were found in combined analysis (data from means of different environments in F₂:₃ generation). Among these QTLs, qFL-chr5-2 and qFL-chr14-2 for fiber length were detected simultaneously in three generations (four environments) and verified further by combined analysis, and these QTLs should be useful for marker assisted selection to improve fiber quality in upland cotton.
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GX1135 x GX100-2, F2 (2013)
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2.5 span lengthqSL2.5.GG-F2_ch14-1.hd09QTL
fiber strengthqFS.GG-F2_ch18-2.hd08QTL
fiber elongationqFEL.GG-F2_ch24-2.hd08QTL
fiber uniformityqFU.GG-F2_ch14-1.hd09QTL
fiber elongationqFEL.GG-F2_ch10.cz08.1QTL
2.5 span lengthqSL2.5.GG-F2_ch10.hd08QTL
2.5 span lengthqSL2.5.GG-F2_ch03.cz08QTL
fiber strengthqFS.GG-F2_ch08.sy07QTL
fiber strengthqFS.GG-F2_ch24-3.hd09QTL
2.5 span lengthqSL2.5.GG-F2_ch14-1.cz08.2QTL
2.5 span lengthqSL2.5.GG-F2_ch14-1.cz08.1QTL
2.5 span lengthqSL2.5.GG-F2_ch14-1.hd08.2QTL
fiber strengthqFS.GG-F2_ch18-1.hd09QTL
fiber uniformityqFU.GG-F2_ch02-3.cz08QTL
fiber strengthqFS.GG-F2_ch18-1.hd08QTL
fiber strengthqFS.GG-F2_ch01.cz08QTL
fiber uniformityqFU.GG-F2_ch18-1.sy07QTL
fiber strengthqFS.GG-F2_ch01.sy07QTL
2.5 span lengthqSL2.5.GG-F2_ch11-1.hd09QTL
fiber uniformityqFU.GG-F2_ch26.cz08QTL
2.5 span lengthqSL2.5.GG-F2_ch08.hd09QTL
fiber strengthqFS.GG-F2_ch13.hd08QTL
fiber strengthqFS.GG-F2_ch13.hd09QTL
2.5 span lengthqSL2.5.GG-F2_ch13.cz08.2QTL


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cdbgm_014968Xin Za Mian 1cultivar
cdbpop_000149GX1135 x GX100-2, F2population
cdbpop_000150GX1135 x GX100-2, F2:3population
cdbpop_000151GX1135 x GX100-2, F2:4population
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Publication TypeJournal Article
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KeywordsGossypium hirsutum, chromosome mapping, genome, linkage groups, lint cotton, loci, marker-assisted selection, micronaire, quantitative trait loci, spinning
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