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The MapViewer on CottonGen uses the TripalMap module to provide an interactive and responsive visualization for genetic maps using the D3.js Javascript technology. Similar in functionality to the existing GMOD-CMap map comparison tool, TripalMap offers the benefit of using map data directly stored in GMOD-Chado, a generic database schema. Data duplication can be reduced for sites that maintain both Chado and CMap as no separate underlying database is required with TripalMap. Also TripalMap is an extension of Tripal, integrating directly with the Tripal API framework for online site visualization of genomic, genetic and breeding data. This improves data searching capability and provides a more seamless experience for site developers. The TripalMap interface can be integrated in any Tripal map page and hyperlinked from any Tripal page that is displayed in maps (marker, QTL, heritable morphological marker and/or gene). In Version 1 of TripalMap, interfaces show all linkage groups of a map, with zoom into specific regions of a linkage group, and will show comparisons of maps that share the same markers.