ICGI 2017 Election Nomination Starts (5/2/17)

NOMINATIONS:  At this time (May 2-16), ICGI solicits your nomination of individuals who would like to serve as ICGI officers. 

Each of the 6 officer positions involves a 4-year commitment:  two years as Co-Chair and then two years as Chair.  These positions are a great way to serve cotton, science, and the international community!

Note that you can nominate yourself, and/or someone else, but IF someone else, PLEASE ask them before submitting their name.

Some RULES -- According to the ICGI By-Laws (https://www.cottongen.org/icgi/constitution_bylaws#a7  see Article VII: Election and Appointment of Officers): 

  • An individual may accept a nomination for only one position per election
  • Also, an officer cannot hold two positions at once, so current Co-chairs (soon to be Chairs) cannot be nominated for additional positions this election. 
  • Current Chairs will be vacating their current positions, and can vie for positions other than the one they currently hold

Below – note that all current Chairs will retire and all Co-chairs will advance to the respective Chair positions:

Current ICGI Officers (2015-2017)




ICGI Overall

David Stelly

John Yu

Comparative Genomics and Bioinformatics

Dorrie Main

Ibrokhim Abdurakhmonov

Breeding and Applied Genomics

Andrew Paterson

Jodi Scheffler

Functional Genomics

Daniel Peterson

Guoli Song

Germplasm & Genetic Stocks

Sukumar Saha,  Xianlong Zhang

Xiongming Du

Structural Genomics

David Fang

Wangzhen Guo

Please submit nominations by May 16, 2017 for any or all of the following positions:

  • Co-chair / Structural Genomics workgroup: ____________________________________
  • Co-chair / Functional Genomics: ____________________________________
  • Co-chair / Comparative Genomics and Bioinformatics: __________________________________
  • Co-chair / Germplasm and Genetic Stocks: ____________________________________
  • Co-chair / Breeding and Applied Genomics) : ____________________________________
  • Co-chair / ICGI overall: ____________________________________

Please email your nominations to me (stelly@tamu.edu SUBJECT LINE:  ICGI NOMINATION), including the email address of the person(s) you wish to nominate and the office(s) for which that you wish to nominate them.  I will REPLY to acknowledge reception of each nomination; lack of a reply may indicate that I did not receive your message.

Nominees should prepare a 300-word statement or biosketch that can be shared with voters when the elections are opened.

Thank you in advance! 

David Stelly

David M. Stelly 
Chair, ICGI