XAAS 'YM11' genome's CottonGen functional annotation available (3/24)

CottonGen's additional annotations were added to the XAAS* Gossypium hirsutum (AD1) 'Yuanmian11' genome (ref. Wang et al, 2024).  

* XAAS: Xinjiang Academy of Agricultural Science, China. 

The CottonGen annotations include:

  • InterPro and KEGG Functional annotations
  • CottonGen RFLP-RAD, SSR, SNP, InDel Marker Alignments.
  • Protein Homologies with Arabidopsis, Swissprot, and Trembl 
  • CottonGen G.arboreum, G.barbadense, G.hirsutum, G.raimondii RefTrans Alignments

The data can be: