CottonGen Cotton Trait Ontology v2 in Crop Ontology (9/21)

The quality and consistency of agricultural data has greatly improved since the use of digital technologies applies to all steps of the research data lifecycle, particularly at the collection and management stages that integrate standardized ontology terms, such as lists of defined crop traits and variables.  The structured vocabulary Cotton Crop Ontology was established in 2016 by CottonGen curator with input from Drs. Lori Hinze, Richard Percy, and Russell Kohel (USDA-ARS, College Station, TX) while integrating the lack of a common, structured vocabulary to describe cotton phenotypic traits among data collected from four countries germplasm evaluation data and from QTL-trait association data obtained from over one hundred peer-reviewed publications.  The structured vocabulary thereafter is continue the incremental validation along with the new data imported to CottonGen and become as part of Crop Ontology in 2019.  The Cotton Crop Ontology (v2) has centralized categorical trait descriptors used in different countries as well as some newly added vocabularies.