Whole genome sequences of AD4 and G2 available (11/5/19)

Gossypium mustelinum (AD4) and Gossypium australe (G2) genome sequences were recently added.

The Gossypium mustelinum (AD4) genome data were submitted by JGI (US DOE Joint Genome Institute) and stored under NCBI BioProject PRJNA525892
Go to https://www.cottongen.org/species/Gossypium_mustelinum/JGI-AD4_v1.1 to access the JGI-AD4 data and tools along with annotations made by CottonGen Team
The Gossypium australe (G2) genome data were submitted by CRI (China Cotton Research Institute) and stored under NCBI BioProject PRJNA513946.
Go to https://www.cottongen.org/species/Gossypium_australe/CRI-G2_v1.1 to access the CRI-G2 data and tools along with annotations made by CottonGen Team