2009 Election for ICGI Officers

May 2009 Election for Steering Committee

The 2009 Election:

The election was held from May 6, 2009 to June 19, 2009.

The voting process was entirely conducted by a third party company, "Vote-now". Each member received an email from the company for instructions to their voting process, as well the initial call for voting, the key for voting, and the reminders, etc. from "Vote-now". At the close of the voting period, the company reported the final result to ICGI. The election is now closed. The Election Report from "Vote-now" Company can be viewed by clicking HERE.

    2009 Election Results:

      The results of the election are now final. The following are the results of the elections for Steering Committee:

    Term 2009-2011

    Workgroup Chair Co-chair

    ICGI Overall Richard Percy Thea Wilkins
    Bioinformatics Jing Yu Jun Zhu
    Evolutionary & Comparative Genomics Peng Chee Alan Pepper
    Functional Genomics Thea Wilkins Yuxian Zhu
    Germplasm & Genetic Stocks Shuxun Yu Sukumar Saha
    Structural Genomics Andrew Paterson David Stelly

    Term 2011-2013

    Workgroup Chair Co-chair

    ICGI Overall Thea A. Wilkins TBD
    Bioinformatics Jun Zhu TBD
    Evolutionary & Comparative Genomics Alan E. Pepper TBD
    Functional Genomics Yuxian Zhu TBD
    Germplasm & Genetic Stocks Sukumar Saha TBD
    Structural Genomics David M. Stelly TBD