2003 Election for ICGI Officers

April 2003 Election for Steering Committee

The 2003 Election:

The The election was held from April 17, 2003 to May 16, 2003. The election was held electronically through this website and members were emailed private keys which they then used to cast their vote. The election is now closed.


    2003 Election Results:

    The results of the election are now final. There was a delay in posting the results. This was due to a tie for the Bioinformatics group. The tie has now been resolved by mutual agreement between the ICGI Chair and the candidates. The following are the results of the elections for Steering Committee:


      Term 2003-2005

      Workgroup Chair Co-chair

      ICGI Overall David Stelly Russell Kohel
      Bioinformatics Andrew Paterson Jun Zhu
      Evolutionary & Comparative Genomics Curt Brubaker Andrew Paterson
      Functional Genomics Thea Wilkins Norma Trolinder
      Germplasm & Genetic Stocks Ed Percival Richard Percy
      Structural Genomics John Yu Tianzhen Zhang

      Term 2005-2007

      Workgroup Chair Co-chair

      ICGI Overall Russell Kohel TBD
      Bioinformatics Jun Zhu TBD
      Evolutionary & Comparative Genomics Andrew Paterson TBD
      Functional Genomics Norma Trolinder TBD
      Germplasm & Genetic Stocks Richard Percy TBD
      Structural Genomics Tianzhen Zhang TBD