2015 Election for ICGI Officers

Per ICGI bylaws, elections for the ICGI overall and Workgroup Co-Chairs will be held biennially. 
The 2015 election will be held Feburary 13 - March 15, 2015.  Please note that during this election, there are two amendments to the ICGI Contitution and ICGI By-Laws (shown in blue) that also require member votes.
Issue 1: Amendment of ICGI Contitution Article III 2. Workgroup structure
Change ICGI Workgroup structure by combining the Bioinformatics and Evolutionary & Comparative Genomics work groups into one and call it Comparative Genomics and Bioinformatics, and add a new workgroup called Breeding and Applied GenomicsThe Executive Steering Committee temporarily approves the new Workgroup structure and will seek Co-Chair nominations according to that new Workgroup Structure. In conjunction with the subsequent election effort, ICGI will simultaneously solicit approval of the new Workgroup Structure by the ICGI membership.
Issue 2: Amendment of ICGI By-Laws Section 3: Approved uses of ICGI funds
  1. Monies contributed to the ICGI can be used to support the following activities (note: the word only has been removed)
    1. Reimbursement of verifiable expenses incurred by ICGI officers traveling to the ICGI Biennial Research Conferences.
    2. Reimbursement of verifiable expenses incurred by invited speakers traveling to the ICGI Biennial Research Conferences at the behest of the ICGI Biennial Research Conference Committee.
    3. Distribution of funds to Local Organizing Committees for reimbursement of verifiable expenses incurred by Local Organizers in organizing the ICGI Biennial Research Conferences.
  2. ICGI monies can be disbursed with the approval of a majority of the Executive Steering Committee. The Executive Steering Committee can approve block disbursement as deemed appropriate. (ADD TO BY-LAWS:) Minor expenses (less than $500) on behalf of ICGI can be disbursed upon approval by the ICGI Chair, Co-Chair and Treasurer.

Issue 3:  Elect for ICGI 2015-2017 Officers

The tables below show the current ICGI officers (2013-2015). The current Co-Chairs will become Chair and new Co-Chairs will be elected for the 2015-2017 term. Each candidate has prepared a statement for you to view when you cast your vote.


To vote, please Login to your ICGI account, then click '2015 Voting Form' from 'User Quick Links' on the right of your membership page, or return to this page and click HERE cast your vote.

ICGI Officers (2013-2015)

Workgroup Chair Co-Chair
ICGI Overall Tianzhen Zhang David Stelly
Bioinformatics Richard Percy Dorrie Main
Evolutionary & Comparative Genomics Robert Wright Andy Paterson
Functional Genomics Joshua Udall Daniel Peterson
Germplasm & Genetic Stocks Todd Campbell Sukumar Saha
Xianlong Zhang
Structural Genomics Peng Chee David Fang

ICGI Officers (2015-2017)

Workgroup Chair Co-Chair
ICGI Overall David Stelly TBD
Breeding and Applied Genomics Andy Paterson TBD
Comparative Genomics & Bioinformatics Dorrie Main TBD
Functional Genomics Daniel Peterson TBD
Germplasm & Genetic Stocks Sukumar Saha
Xianlong Zhang
Structural Genomics David Fang TBD