2013 Election for ICGI Officers

Per ICGI bylaws, elections for the ICGI overall and Workgroup Co-Chairs will be held biennially. 

The 2013 election will be held from February 19 to April 3, 2013. The tables below show the current ICGI officers (2011-2013). The current Co-Chairs will become Chair and new Co-Chairs will be elected for the 2013-2015 term. Each candidate has prepared a statement for you to view.
To vote, please Login to your ICGI account, then click on 'Vote now for your ICGI 2013-2015 Officers' under 'User Quick Links' on the right of your membership page, or return to this page and cast your vote.  (Closed. Click and view Election Results of Summary and Details)


ICGI Officers (2011-2013)

Workgroup Chair Co-Chair
ICGI Overall Andy Paterson Tianzhen Zhang
Bioinformatics Jun Zhu Richard Percy
Evolutionary & Comparative Genomics Alan Pepper Robert Wright
Functional Genomics Yuxian Zhu Joshua Udall
Germplasm & Genetic Stocks Sukamar Saha Todd Campbell
Structural Genomics David Stelly Peng Chee


ICGI Officers (2013-2015)

Workgroup Chair Co-Chair
ICGI Overall Tianzhen Zhang TBD
Bioinformatics Richard Percy TBD
Evolutionary & Comparative Genomics Robert Wright TBD
Functional Genomics Joshua Udall TBD
Germplasm & Genetic Stocks Todd Campbell TBD
Structural Genomics Peng Chee TBD