2017 Election for ICGI Officers

Per ICGI bylaws, elections for the ICGI overall and Workgroup Co-Chairs will be held biennially.


The 2017 election will be held from JUNE 2nd to JUNE 15th, 2017.  If 50% of membership has not voted before the closing, then the election will be extended for another two weeks (JUNE 29th). The tables below show the current ICGI officers (2015-2017).  The current Co-Chairs will become Chair and new Co-Chairs will be elected for the 2017-2019 term.


Below is the list of candidates, listed alphabetically by surname within each category (click on name to view statement prepared by each candidate)

    Overall Co-Chair Candidates
        Todd Campbell
        Sukumar Saha
        Tianzhen Zhang

    Breeding & Applied Genomics Co-Chair Candidates
        Brian Ayre
        Wangzhen Guo
        Iain Wilson
        Shuijin Zhu

    Comparative Genomics & Bioinformatics Co-Chair Candidates
        Amanda Hulse-Kemp
        Joshua Udall
        Xiyin Wang

    Functional Genomics Co-Chair Candidates
        Shuangxia Jin
        Vasu Kuraparthy
        Libo Shan
        Baohong Zhang

    Germplasm & Genetic Stocks Co-Chair Candidates
        Muhammad Tehseen Azhar
        Lori Hinze
        Andrew Paterson

    Structural Genomics Co-Chair Candidates
        Peng Chee
        Zhongxu Lin


To vote, please Login to your ICGI account, then click on the word 'here' under 'ICGI Election' on the upper-right of your membership page, then cast your vote.  If you forget your ICGI username and/or password, you can retrieve your ICGI Membership Profile and reset your password by clicking on the word 'Login' from CottonGen Home (http://www.cottongen.org), then  select 'Request new password' and follow the instructions.


ICGI Officers (2015-2017)

Workgroup Chair Co-Chair
ICGI Overall David Stelly John Yu
Breeding and Applied Genomics Andrew Paterson Jodi Scheffler
Comparative Genomics & Bioinformatics Dorrie Main Ibrokhim Abdurakhmonov
Functional Genomics Daniel Peterson Guoli Song
Germplasm and Genetic Stocks Sukumar SahaXianlong Zhang Xiongming Du
Structural Genomics David Fang Wangzhen Guo




ICGI Officers (2017-2019)

Workgroup Chair Co-Chair
ICGI Overall John Yu TBD
Breeding & Applied Genomics Jodi Scheffler TBD
Comparative Genomics & Bioinformatics Ibrokhim Abdurakhmonov TBD
Functional Genomics Guoli Song TBD
Germplasm & Genetic Stocks Xiongming Du TBD
Structural Genomics Wangzhen Guo TBD