CottonGen has 328,856 genes and unigenes. These represent:

  • 1,224 cotton Genes from NCBI  (07/18/2014)
  • 76,943 CDS from the G. hirsutum acc 'TM-1' BGI v1.0 genome project
  • 70,478 CDS from the G. hirsutum acc 'TM-1' NBI v1.1 genome project
  • 40,134 CDS from the G. arboreum BGI v2.0 genome project
  • 77,267 CDS from the G. raimondii  JGI annot v2.1 genome project
  • 40,976 CDS from the G. raimondii  BGI v1.0 genome project
  • 21,698 Contigs from the CottonGen Gossypium Unigene v1.0

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