USDA ARS National Cotton Germplasm Characterization

Project Information



            The USDA-ARS National Cotton Germplasm Collection (NCGC) is an essential resource for cotton breeding, research, and education.  The NCGC contains passport information on the origins of the accessions, and the Curator routinely collects standardized morphological descriptors to indicate to users the phenotypic variability and utility of the accessions.  High resolution digital images of representative plant features are captured to assemble an online digital image library.  Agronomic evaluations and genotypic diversity of accessions are also obtained through collaborations with subject matter experts.


            The online databases GRIN-Global and CottonGen are critical to communicate to their users the contents, availability, and descriptions of accessions in the NCGC.  CottonGen is unique in that it accumulates, organizes, and links information across the NCGC, other cotton collections, and research and evaluation results from trials using improved cotton germplasm and genetic resources from collections.