Pollen_color, P1 (heritable_phenotypic_marker) Gossypium hirsutum

MTL Overview
MTL LabelPollen color_P1
Published SymbolP1
Trait Namepollen color
Descriptionorange color pollen
Screening Methodobservation
Map positionN/A
Colocalizing MarkerN/A
Neighboring MarkerN/A
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This heritable_phenotypic_marker is adjacent to the following QTL feature(s):

Feature NameUnique NameSpeciesType
seed cotton yieldqSCY.Z8-RIL_ch05-2.gy03Gossypium hirsutumQTL
lint percentqLP.Z8-RIL_ch05-2Gossypium hirsutumQTL

The following marker_locus feature(s) are an instance of this heritable_phenotypic_marker:

Feature NameUnique NameSpeciesType
AnthercolorAnthercolor-220.4Gossypium hirsutummarker_locus
p1p1Gossypium hirsutummarker_locus
PolPolGossypium hirsutummarker_locus
CPOLLENCPOLLENGossypium hirsutummarker_locus
P1(C5)P1(C5)Gossypium hirsutummarker_locus

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