Germplasm Overview
AliasA2 1331 [view all 4]
GRIN IDPI 629659
TypeObsolete Cultivar
SpeciesGossypium arboreum
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Origin CountryN/A
Origin DetailN/A
Maternal ParentN/A
Paternal ParentN/A
Maternal Parent ofN/A
Paternal Parent ofN/A
Phenotypic Data[view all 33]
SSR Genotype DataN/A
SNP Genotype DataN/A
DNA LibraryN/A
A2 1331
PI 629659
In Collection
In Collection
Name ID used in Collection External Database
NCGC Asiatic Cotton Collection (USA)A2-1331
GRIN NPGS Cotton Collection (USA)PI 629659GRIN:
File NameLegendDataset
A2-1331_V12-573_IMG_2879_F.jpg[A2-1331] flower, Tecoman Plot# 571, 2012NCGC digital imaging (Tecoman, 2012)
A2-1331_V12-573_IMG_2880_B.jpg[A2-1331] green boll, Tecoman Plot# 573, 2012NCGC digital imaging (Tecoman, 2012)
A2-1331_V12-573_IMG_2881_FO.jpg[A2-1331] flower open, Tecoman Plot# 573, 2012NCGC digital imaging (Tecoman, 2012)
A2-1331_V12-573_IMG_2882_BN.jpg[A2-1331] boll showing nectaries, Tecoman Plot# 573, 2012NCGC digital imaging (Tecoman, 2012)
A2-1331_V12-573_MG_8245_LB.jpg[A2-1331] leaf close up of the back surface, Tecoman Plot# 573, 2012NCGC digital imaging (Tecoman, 2012)
A2-1331_V12-573_MG_8530_L.jpg[A2-1331] leaf, Tecoman Plot# 573, 2012NCGC digital imaging (Tecoman, 2012)
Phenotypic Data
Phenotypic Data
Total 33 trait scores
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# Dataset Descriptor Value Environment Replication Plot
1NCGC germplasm evaluation, Before2006leaf colorgreenNot Available
2NCGC germplasm evaluation, Before2006petal coloryellowNot Available
3NCGC germplasm evaluation, Before2006petal spotmediumNot Available
4NCGC germplasm evaluation, Before2006pollen coloryellowNot Available
5NCGC germplasm evaluation, T12boll colorlight greenMX_CLM_TCM_2012V-0573
6NCGC germplasm evaluation, T12boll gossypol glandsmediumMX_CLM_TCM_2012V-0573
7NCGC germplasm evaluation, T12boll nectariespresentMX_CLM_TCM_2012V-0573
8NCGC germplasm evaluation, T12boll pittinglightly pittedMX_CLM_TCM_2012V-0573
9NCGC germplasm evaluation, T12boll pointbluntMX_CLM_TCM_2012V-0573
10NCGC germplasm evaluation, T12boll shaperoundMX_CLM_TCM_2012V-0573
11NCGC germplasm evaluation, T12boll sizemediumMX_CLM_TCM_2012V-0573
12NCGC germplasm evaluation, T12bract nectariesabsentMX_CLM_TCM_2012V-0573
13NCGC germplasm evaluation, T12bract teeth sizemediumMX_CLM_TCM_2012V-0573
14NCGC germplasm evaluation, T12bract typenormalMX_CLM_TCM_2012V-0573
15NCGC germplasm evaluation, T12canopy typetypicalMX_CLM_TCM_2012V-0573
16NCGC germplasm evaluation, T12leaf colorgreenMX_CLM_TCM_2012V-0573
17NCGC germplasm evaluation, T12leaf gossypol glandsmediumMX_CLM_TCM_2012V-0573
18NCGC germplasm evaluation, T12leaf shapenormalMX_CLM_TCM_2012V-0573
19NCGC germplasm evaluation, T12leaf sizemediumMX_CLM_TCM_2012V-0573
20NCGC germplasm evaluation, T12petal coloryellowMX_CLM_TCM_2012V-0573
21NCGC germplasm evaluation, T12petal spotheavyMX_CLM_TCM_2012V-0573
22NCGC germplasm evaluation, T12photoperiodopen bollsMX_CLM_TCM_2012V-0573
23NCGC germplasm evaluation, T12plant shapenormalMX_CLM_TCM_2012V-0573
24NCGC germplasm evaluation, T12plot maturityless than half openMX_CLM_TCM_2012V-0573
25NCGC germplasm evaluation, T12pollen colordark yellowMX_CLM_TCM_2012V-0573