Breeding Management System

As part of our NRSP10 Project we are developing a Breeding Management System for Tripal databases. In the text below we describe our goals and an outline of the functionality.
Please let us know if you have any questions and/or suggestions.


To provide individual breeders  with a secure and comprehensive online breeding management system which will allow them to store, manage and analyze their private data, fully integrated with publicly available genomic, genetic and breeding data. The BMS will support the use of Field Book App, an Android App for collecting phenotype data in the field. 

Components of BMS (Shown in navigation bar format):

Manage Breeding

  • Breeding program
  • Manage lists (generate lists to download data and/or to use in other tools of BMS such as creating trials/crosses or generating Field Book input file)
  • Location
  • Trial
  • Cross

Data Import

  • Germplasm
  • Trait descriptors
  • Phenotyping data
  • Genotyping data

Data Edit


  • Search Germplasm
    • by name (limit by program, trial and location)
    • by phenotype
    • by genotype
    • by parentage
  • Compare Germplasm
  • Search Dataset
  • Search Marker
  • Search QTL

Field Book App Management

  • Download files for Field Book App
  • Load Field Book output

Data Analysis Tools

  • Statistical analysis for the dataset

Breeding Decision Tools

  • Cross Assist (Tool to choose the most efficient parents to produce progeny with certain traits)
  • Seedling Select (Tool to determine the cost efficiency of marker-assisted breeding)