Gossypium anomalum (B1) genome NSF_v1

Analysis NameGossypium anomalum (B1) genome NSF_v1
MethodPacBio, Hi-C
Source (v1)
Date performed2021-08-03

We report a high-quality de novo genome assembly for G. anomalum (B1). This genome was initially assembled using 55x coverage of PacBio reads, yielding a draft assembly of 229 contigs with an N50 of 11 Mb. HiC reads (140.5 million) were integrated to the final, contiguous assembly, consisting of 13 chromosomes with an average length of 92 Mb and containing only 20.7 kb (0.002%) gap sequence within the chromosomal scaffolds. The total assembly is composed of 68 contigs (including the 13 chromosomal scaffolds) with a total length of 1193 Mb, ~88% of the estimated 1359 Mb genome (Hendrix and Stewart 2005). 


 Assembly Summary G. anomalum
 Coverage (raw) ~55x
 Assembly Length** 1193 Mb
 Total Contig Number 68
 Average Contig Length*** 17.54 Mb
 Total Length of Ns 21800
 Contig N50 97.68 Mb
 Contig N90 73.95 Mb

 ** G. anomalum is 1359 Mb (Hendrix and Stewart, 2005)
 *** includes 13 chromosome-sized scaffolds and smaller, unplaced contigs



Grover, et al., (in revision) The Gossypium anomalum genome as a resource for cotton improvement and evolutionary analysis of hybrid incompatibility. G3: Genes, Genomes, Genetics.

Additional information about this analysis:
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JBrowse URLhttps://www.cottongen.org/jbrowse/index.html?data=data/B1_NSF_v1&loc=
Analysis Typewhole_genome

The chromosomes (pseudomolecules) and scaffolds for Gossypium anomalum '(B1)' genome. This file belongs to the NSF Assembly v1.0

Chromosomes & scaffolds (FASTA format) G.anomalum_NSF_B1.fa.gz

The predicted gene model, their alignments and proteins for Gossypium anomalum '(B1)' genome. These files belong to the NSF Assembly v1.0

Predicted gene models with exons (GFF3 format) G.anomalum_NSF_B1.gff3.gz
Coding sequences, CDS (FASTA format) G.anomalum_NSF_B1.cds.fa.gz
Protein sequences (FASTA format) G.anomalum_NSF_B1.pep.fa.gz