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AliasA2 1331 [view all 4]
SpeciesGossypium arboreum
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Genotypic DataN/A
DNA LibraryN/A
[A2-1331] flower, Tecoman Plot# 571, 2012
[A2-1331] green boll, Tecoman Plot# 573, 2012
[A2-1331] flower open, Tecoman Plot# 573, 2012
[A2-1331] boll showing nectaries, Tecoman Plot# 573, 2012
[A2-1331] leaf close up of the back surface, Tecoman Plot# 573, 2012
[A2-1331] leaf, Tecoman Plot# 573, 2012
Phenotypic Data
Phenotypic Data
Total 70 trait scores
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# Dataset Descriptor Value Environment Replication Plot
1GRIN Cotton Germplasm Evaluation (Obsolete)Leaf colorGreenCollege Station, Texas, USA
2GRIN Cotton Germplasm Evaluation (Obsolete)petal colorYellowCollege Station, Texas, USA
3GRIN Cotton Germplasm Evaluation (Obsolete)petal spotMediumCollege Station, Texas, USA
4GRIN Cotton Germplasm Evaluation (Obsolete)Pollen colorYellowCollege Station, Texas, USA
5NCGC germplasm evaluation (Before2006)leaf colorgreenNot Available
6NCGC germplasm evaluation (Before2006)petal coloryellowNot Available
7NCGC germplasm evaluation (Before2006)petal spotmediumNot Available
8NCGC germplasm evaluation (Before2006)pollen coloryellowNot Available
9NCGC germplasm evaluation, Before2006leaf colorgreenNot Available
10NCGC germplasm evaluation, Before2006petal coloryellowNot Available
11NCGC germplasm evaluation, Before2006petal spotmediumNot Available
12NCGC germplasm evaluation, Before2006pollen coloryellowNot Available
13NCGC germplasm evaluation (T12)boll colorlight greenTecoman, Colima, Mexico, 2012V-0573
14NCGC germplasm evaluation (T12)boll gossypol glandsmediumTecoman, Colima, Mexico, 2012V-0573
15NCGC germplasm evaluation (T12)boll nectariespresentTecoman, Colima, Mexico, 2012V-0573
16NCGC germplasm evaluation (T12)boll pittinglightly pittedTecoman, Colima, Mexico, 2012V-0573
17NCGC germplasm evaluation (T12)boll pointbluntTecoman, Colima, Mexico, 2012V-0573
18NCGC germplasm evaluation (T12)boll shaperoundTecoman, Colima, Mexico, 2012V-0573
19NCGC germplasm evaluation (T12)boll sizemediumTecoman, Colima, Mexico, 2012V-0573
20NCGC germplasm evaluation (T12)bract nectariesabsentTecoman, Colima, Mexico, 2012V-0573
21NCGC germplasm evaluation (T12)bract teeth sizemediumTecoman, Colima, Mexico, 2012V-0573
22NCGC germplasm evaluation (T12)bract typenormalTecoman, Colima, Mexico, 2012V-0573
23NCGC germplasm evaluation (T12)plant shapenormalTecoman, Colima, Mexico, 2012V-0573
24NCGC germplasm evaluation (T12)leaf colorgreenTecoman, Colima, Mexico, 2012V-0573
25NCGC germplasm evaluation (T12)leaf gossypol glandsmediumTecoman, Colima, Mexico, 2012V-0573
26NCGC germplasm evaluation (T12)trichome density on leaffewTecoman, Colima, Mexico, 2012V-0573
27NCGC germplasm evaluation (T12)leaf nectariesreducedTecoman, Colima, Mexico, 2012V-0573
28NCGC germplasm evaluation (T12)leaf shapenormalTecoman, Colima, Mexico, 2012V-0573
29NCGC germplasm evaluation (T12)leaf sizemediumTecoman, Colima, Mexico, 2012V-0573
30NCGC germplasm evaluation (T12)plot maturityless than 1/2 openTecoman, Colima, Mexico, 2012V-0573
31NCGC germplasm evaluation (T12)petal coloryellowTecoman, Colima, Mexico, 2012V-0573
32NCGC germplasm evaluation (T12)petal spotheavyTecoman, Colima, Mexico, 2012V-0573
33NCGC germplasm evaluation (T12)photoperiodopen bollsTecoman, Colima, Mexico, 2012V-0573
34NCGC germplasm evaluation (T12)canopy typetypicalTecoman, Colima, Mexico, 2012V-0573
35NCGC germplasm evaluation (T12)plant height (m)1.37Tecoman, Colima, Mexico, 2012V-0573
36NCGC germplasm evaluation (T12)plot plant stand75Tecoman, Colima, Mexico, 2012V-0573
37NCGC germplasm evaluation (T12)pollen colordark yellowTecoman, Colima, Mexico, 2012V-0573
38NCGC germplasm evaluation (T12)productiveness25-36/plantTecoman, Colima, Mexico, 2012V-0573
39NCGC germplasm evaluation (T12)stem gossypol glandsmediumTecoman, Colima, Mexico, 2012V-0573
40NCGC germplasm evaluation (T12)trichome density on stemfewTecoman, Colima, Mexico, 2012V-0573
41NCGC germplasm evaluation (T12)stigma exsertionnormalTecoman, Colima, Mexico, 2012V-0573
42NCGC germplasm evaluation, T12boll colorlight greenMX_CLM_TCM_2012V-0573
43NCGC germplasm evaluation, T12boll gossypol glandsmediumMX_CLM_TCM_2012V-0573
44NCGC germplasm evaluation, T12boll nectariespresentMX_CLM_TCM_2012V-0573
45NCGC germplasm evaluation, T12boll pittinglightly pittedMX_CLM_TCM_2012V-0573
46NCGC germplasm evaluation, T12boll pointbluntMX_CLM_TCM_2012V-0573
47NCGC germplasm evaluation, T12boll shaperoundMX_CLM_TCM_2012V-0573
48NCGC germplasm evaluation, T12boll sizemediumMX_CLM_TCM_2012V-0573
49NCGC germplasm evaluation, T12bract nectariesabsentMX_CLM_TCM_2012V-0573
50NCGC germplasm evaluation, T12bract teeth sizemediumMX_CLM_TCM_2012V-0573
51NCGC germplasm evaluation, T12bract typenormalMX_CLM_TCM_2012V-0573
52NCGC germplasm evaluation, T12canopy typetypicalMX_CLM_TCM_2012V-0573
53NCGC germplasm evaluation, T12leaf colorgreenMX_CLM_TCM_2012V-0573
54NCGC germplasm evaluation, T12leaf gossypol glandsmediumMX_CLM_TCM_2012V-0573
55NCGC germplasm evaluation, T12leaf shapenormalMX_CLM_TCM_2012V-0573
56NCGC germplasm evaluation, T12leaf sizemediumMX_CLM_TCM_2012V-0573
57NCGC germplasm evaluation, T12petal coloryellowMX_CLM_TCM_2012V-0573
58NCGC germplasm evaluation, T12petal spotheavyMX_CLM_TCM_2012V-0573
59NCGC germplasm evaluation, T12photoperiodopen bollsMX_CLM_TCM_2012V-0573
60NCGC germplasm evaluation, T12plant shapenormalMX_CLM_TCM_2012V-0573
61NCGC germplasm evaluation, T12plot maturityless than half openMX_CLM_TCM_2012V-0573
62NCGC germplasm evaluation, T12pollen colordark yellowMX_CLM_TCM_2012V-0573
63NCGC germplasm evaluation, T12stem gossypol glandsmediumMX_CLM_TCM_2012V-0573
64NCGC germplasm evaluation, T12stigma exsertionnormalMX_CLM_TCM_2012V-0573
65NCGC germplasm evaluation, T12trichome density on leaffewMX_CLM_TCM_2012V-0573
66NCGC germplasm evaluation, T12trichome density on stemfewMX_CLM_TCM_2012V-0573
67NCGC germplasm evaluation, T12plant height (m)1.37MX_CLM_TCM_2012V-0573
68NCGC germplasm evaluation, T12leaf nectariesreducedMX_CLM_TCM_2012V-0573
69NCGC germplasm evaluation, T12plot plant stand0.75MX_CLM_TCM_2012V-0573
70NCGC germplasm evaluation, T12productiveness25-36 per plantMX_CLM_TCM_2012V-0573
A2 1331
PI 629659
In Collection
In Collection
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NCGC Asiatic Cotton Collection (USA)A2-1331
GRIN NPGS Cotton Collection (USA)PI 629659GRIN: PI 629659