GH_SF, LIBEST_020457 (cDNA)

Library NameGH_SF
Unique NameLIBEST_020457
OrganismGossypium hirsutum (Upland Cotton)
Property NameValue
Vector typeBAC; plasmid
Cloning site1: MseI; 2: MseI
Tissue typeanther
CommentscDNA-AFLP technique. Gossypium hirsutum plant male sterile and fertile anthers were collected after identification by the microscope in laboratory.RNA was extracted, and double-stranded cDNA was synthesized frome total RNA. The cDNA was digested with MseI and MseI, adapters were ligated to the termini, and two rounds of PCR were performed. On the first round the cDNAs were amplified with primers specific for the adapters. The products of this first round were amplified with primers based on the adapters containing two additional bases at the 3' end.
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