Cotton Root and Hypocotyl Lambda ZIPLOX Library (CRH), LIBEST_013815 (cDNA)

Library NameCotton Root and Hypocotyl Lambda ZIPLOX Library (CRH)
Unique NameLIBEST_013815
OrganismGossypium hirsutum (Upland Cotton)
Property NameValue
Vector typePhage
VectorLambda ZIPLOX
Cloning site1: SalI; 2: NotI
Tissue typeRoot and hypocotyl tissues
Developmental stage5 day old seedlings
CommentsmRNA was prepared from root and hypocotyl tissues of the cotton cultivar DeltaEMERALD. cDNA was synthesised from a NotI-oligodT primer/adapter using the manufacturers protocols (Life Technologies) and then ligated to a SalI adapter to facilitate directional cloning. The cDNA was cloned into the SalI and NotI sites of the Lambda ZIPLOX phage vector (Life Technologies). Constructed by Caitriona Dowd and Helen McFadden.
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