RBTN: US Regional Breeders Testing Network

Project Overview
NameRBTN: US Regional Breeders Testing Network
DescriptionThe Regional Breeders Testing Network (RBTN) is a multi-environment trial (MET) conducted each year on conventional germplasm lines. Previous to initiation of the RBTN, public breeding programs lacked a single-year MET due to resource limitations, but now the RBTN serves to fill the need of a MET and does so at the nominal cost of conducting a single location trial for each participating scientist. With the support of Cotton Incorporated, numerous cotton scientists routinely evaluate conventional germplasm collecting data on yield and fiber quality as well as biotic/abiotic stresses such as nematodes, tarnished plant bug, fusarium and verticillium wilt, drought, and heat tolerance.
ContactJones, Don
Wallace, Ted
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Jones, Don
First name:Don
Last name:Jones
Institution:Cotton Incorporated
Address:6399 Weston Parkway, Cary, NC 27513
Country:United States
Phone:919 678-2367
Last update:26-Mar-2007
Wallace, Ted
Description:Breeding for yield, quality, pest resistance, and marker assisted selection.
First name:Ted
Last name:Wallace
Institution:Mississippi State University
Address:Mail Stop 9555, 32 Creelman Street, Mississippi State, MS 39762
Country:United States
Last update:5-Apr-2011