Li2 x DP5690, F2 (2011)

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NameLi2 x DP5690, F2 (2011)
SpeciesGossypium hirsutum
Map typegenetic
Population typeF2
Population size136
Genome groupAD
Map unitcM
Maternal parentLi2
Paternal parentDeltapine 5690
Population size136
Number of loci7
Number of linkage groups1
Publication[view all]
ContactFang, David D.
Map Loci
This map contains 7 features:
Linkage GroupMarker NameLocus NameTypePosition
Li2 x DP5690, F2 (2011).Li2D-F2_chr18CIR0216CIR216marker_locus2.43 cM
Li2 x DP5690, F2 (2011).Li2D-F2_chr18DC30153DC30153marker_locus1.8 cM
Li2 x DP5690, F2 (2011).Li2D-F2_chr18DPL0547DPL0547marker_locus0 cM
Li2 x DP5690, F2 (2011).Li2D-F2_chr18DPL0922DPL0922marker_locus1.39 cM
Li2 x DP5690, F2 (2011).Li2D-F2_chr18MUSB1135MUSB1135marker_locus1.53 cM
Li2 x DP5690, F2 (2011).Li2D-F2_chr18NAU3991nau3991marker_locus0.87 cM
Li2 x DP5690, F2 (2011).Li2D-F2_chr18Li2Li2marker_locus0.87 cM
Fang, David D.
Description:Molecular markers, fiber development
First name:David
Last name:Fang
Title:Supervisory Research Geneticist
Address:1100 Robert E. Lee Blvd, New Orleans, LA 70124
Country:United States
Phone:504 286 4527
Keywords:Structural Genomics
Last update:2-Jul-2009
2011Hinchliffe DJ, Turley RB, Naoumkina M, Kim HJ, Tang Y, Yeater KM, Li P, Fang DD. A combined functional and structural genomics approach identified an EST-SSR marker with complete linkage to the Ligon lintless-2 genetic locus in cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.). BMC genomics. 2011.
Li2 x DP5690, F2population
Secondary id:cdbpop_000122
Population size:136