BIMS: Creating a New Breeding Program

To start a new breeding program in BIMS, you must have a CottonGen account with the appropriate access level.  Once you have that, select "Program" under Manage Breeding from the accordion menu (Fig. 16A).  This will open the "Manage Program" tab and then you can open the "Program Admin Menu" section (Fig.16B).  Click "Create" to make a new program.

Figure 16.  Switching crops and opening the Manage Program tab


After clicking the "Create" button, the "Add Program" tab opens.  Enter a new Program Name (Fig. 17A) and make sure that the required column names are set to match your dataset (Fig. 17B).  These four columns are required in the phenotype sheet of the data template and if you change the column names here the column names in the phenotype sheet of the template for download will automatically change. If you use Field Book App for phenotype collection, use these column names in the input files. After you have created the program, you will have the option to add other CottonGen users as members of the breeding program (Fig. 17C).  Once the program is created, data can be loaded to the program.

Figure 17.  Creating a new program and adding member