seed index, qSI.MP-F2:3_group01 (QTL) Gossypium hirsutum

QTL Overview
QTL LabelqSI.MP-F2:3_group01
Published SymbolSeed weight (g seed).g1
Trait Nameseed index
Trait AliasN/A
Trait StudyMP-F2:3-2000
PopulationMD-5678ne x Prema, F2:3
Female ParentMD5678 ne
Male ParentMD5678 ne
Colocalizing MarkerN/A
Neighboring MarkerA88C2
Additivity Dominance RatioN/A
CommentsSeed weight was determined by the weight of 100 seeds' = 'The mass of 100 fuzzy seeds' = Seed index

The following genetic_marker feature(s) are adjacent to this QTL:

Feature NameUnique NameSpeciesType
A88C2A88C2Gossypium spp.genetic_marker

Map Positions
#Map NameLinkage GroupBinChromosomePeakSpan StartSpan StopMapViewer
1MD-5678ne x Prema, F2:3 (2000)MD-5678ne x Prema, F2:3 (2000).MP-F2:3_group01N/AAD_unknown-7982View