C1-n 5

Germplasm Overview
NameC1-n 5
AliasPI 464859 [view all 6]
GRIN IDPI 464859
TypeWild Unimproved
SpeciesGossypium nandewarense
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DescriptionSoil sandy, with sandstone outcrops. Slope gentle, northwest side. Plants in open sun, prefer disturbed soil. Seeds collected from litter. Perennial Woody. Wild. Seed.
Origin CountryAustralia
Origin DetailNew South Wales
Maternal ParentN/A
Paternal ParentN/A
Maternal Parent ofN/A
Paternal Parent ofN/A
Phenotypic Data[view all 26]
SSR Genotype DataN/A
SNP Genotype DataN/A
DNA LibraryN/A
Comments464859. JHS 1. Australia. Collected August 18, 1981. Deriah Forest, 25.8km E of Narrabri, New South Wales.
PI 464859
JMS 0881 (PI 464859)
In Collection
In Collection
Name ID used in Collection External Database
GRIN NPGS Cotton Collection (USA)PI 464859GRIN:
NCGC Cotton Wild Species Collection (USA)C1n-5
File NameLegendDataset
C1-n-05_CS15-0129_5D3_0142_LB.JPG[C1-n-05] leaf close up of the back surface, College Station Plot-0129, 2015NCGC digital imaging (College Station, 2015)
C1-n-05_CS15-0129_5D3_0143_ST.JPG[C1-n-05] stem, College Station Plot-0129, 2015NCGC digital imaging (College Station, 2015)
C1-n-05_CS15-0129_IMG_9319_L.JPG[C1-n-05] leaf, College Station Plot-0129, 2015NCGC digital imaging (College Station, 2015)
C1-n-05_CS15-0129_MG_2244_L.JPG[C1-n-05] leaf, College Station Plot-0129, 2015NCGC digital imaging (College Station, 2015)
C1-n-05_CS15-0129_MG_3867_F.JPG[C1-n-05] flower, College Station Plot-0129, 2015NCGC digital imaging (College Station, 2015)
C1-n-05_CS15-0129_MG_3868_FO.JPG[C1-n-05] flower open, College Station Plot-0129, 2015NCGC digital imaging (College Station, 2015)
Phenotypic Data
Phenotypic Data
Total 26 trait scores
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# Dataset Descriptor Value Environment Replication Plot
1NCGC germplasm evaluation, CS14leaf colorgreenUS_TX_CS_2014231
2NCGC germplasm evaluation, CS15boll nectariesabsentUS_TX_CS_2015129
3NCGC germplasm evaluation, CS15bract colorgreenUS_TX_CS_2015129
4NCGC germplasm evaluation, CS15bract nectariespresentUS_TX_CS_2015129
5NCGC germplasm evaluation, CS15bract teeth numberfewUS_TX_CS_2015129
6NCGC germplasm evaluation, CS15bract teeth sizenoneUS_TX_CS_2015129
7NCGC germplasm evaluation, CS15bract typenormalUS_TX_CS_2015129
8NCGC germplasm evaluation, CS15canopy typeopenUS_TX_CS_2015129
9NCGC germplasm evaluation, CS15fruiting typenormalUS_TX_CS_2015129
10NCGC germplasm evaluation, CS15leaf colorgreenUS_TX_CS_2015129
11NCGC germplasm evaluation, CS15leaf gossypol glandsmediumUS_TX_CS_2015129
12NCGC germplasm evaluation, CS15leaf shapeovateUS_TX_CS_2015129
13NCGC germplasm evaluation, CS15leaf sizesmallUS_TX_CS_2015129
14NCGC germplasm evaluation, CS15petal colorlight blueUS_TX_CS_2015129
15NCGC germplasm evaluation, CS15photoperiodsquaresUS_TX_CS_2015129
16NCGC germplasm evaluation, CS15plant shapenormalUS_TX_CS_2015129
17NCGC germplasm evaluation, CS15plot maturitynot floweringUS_TX_CS_2015129
18NCGC germplasm evaluation, CS15population homogeneityuniformUS_TX_CS_2015129
19NCGC germplasm evaluation, CS15stem colorgreenUS_TX_CS_2015129
20NCGC germplasm evaluation, CS15stem gossypol glandsmediumUS_TX_CS_2015129
21NCGC germplasm evaluation, CS15trichome density on leafnoneUS_TX_CS_2015129
22NCGC germplasm evaluation, CS15trichome density on stemnoneUS_TX_CS_2015129
23NCGC germplasm evaluation, CS15plant height (m)0.46US_TX_CS_2015129
24NCGC germplasm evaluation, CS15leaf nectariesone, main veinUS_TX_CS_2015129
25NCGC germplasm evaluation, CS15plot plant stand1 plantUS_TX_CS_2015129