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AliasGP-841 [view all 5]
GRIN IDPI 636351
TypeBreeding Germplasm
SpeciesGossypium hirsutum
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DescriptionCS-B16 is an alien chromosome substitution line (2n=52) in which the chromosome 16 pair of G. hirsutum has been replaced by the corresponding chromosomal material from G. barbadense doubled haploid line 3-79 which has high fiber quality and length. In other regards, it is nearly isogenic to G. hirsutum inbred line TM-1. The chromosome substitution line was developed via recurrent backcrossing to G. hirsutum plants monosomic for chromosome-16, coupled with recovery of the corresponding monosomic backcross progeny. The alien chromosome is expectedly an intact derivative of the 3-79 chromosome, because homologous recombination with the corresponding G. hirsutum chromosome (absent) was precluded by the monosomy of all BCnF1 plants. Loci on the other 25 chromosome pairs of CS-B16 were subject to effects of backcrossing and recombination, so >98% of them expectedly derive from G. hirsutum, probably TM-1.
Origin CountryUnited States
Origin DetailTexas, USA
PedigreeTM-1 (G. hirsutum) x 3-79 (G. barbadense), then multiple backcrosses to develop the line CS-B16. Chromosome 16 has been substituted.
Maternal ParentN/A
Paternal ParentN/A
Maternal Parent ofH16 x T586, F2 [view all 2]
Paternal Parent ofN/A
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Reference[view all 2]
PI 636351
SA 3504
Maternal Parent Of
Germplasm Name Description Type
H16 x T586, F2population
H16 x T586, F2selpopulation
In Collection
In Collection
Name ID used in Collection External Database
NPGS Crop Science Registration (USA)GP-841
GRIN NPGS Cotton Collection (USA)PI 636351GRIN:
Population Map
NameTypePopulationTypeGenome Group
H16 x T586, F2 (2009)geneticF2AD
H16 x T586, F2sel (2009)geneticF2selAD
Phenotypic Data
Phenotypic Data
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# Dataset Descriptor Value Environment Replication Plot
1NCGC germplasm evaluation, T09leaf colorgreenMX_CLM_TCM_2009711
2NCGC germplasm evaluation, T09leaf shapenormalMX_CLM_TCM_2009711
3NCGC germplasm evaluation, T09trichome density on leafmoderateMX_CLM_TCM_2009711
4NCGC germplasm evaluation, T09trichome density on stemmoderateMX_CLM_TCM_2009711
5NCGC germplasm evaluation, T09plot plant stand1 plantMX_CLM_TCM_2009711