Acala Nem-X

Germplasm Overview
NameAcala Nem-X
AliasC-225 [view all 10]
SpeciesGossypium hirsutum
In Collection[view all]
Descriptionresistant to southern root-knot nematode Meloidogyne incognita. used as check cultivar resistant to FOV1 and resistant to FOV4 (Fusarium wilt [Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. vasinfectum] race 1 and race 4).
Origin CountryUnited States
Origin DetailUnited States
Maternal ParentN/A
Paternal ParentN/A
Maternal Parent ofNemX x SJ-2, B1F1 [view all 4]
Paternal Parent ofNemX x Pima S-7, F2 [view all 3]
Phenotypic Data[view all 58]
SSR Genotype Data[view all 104]
SNP Genotype DataN/A
Map[view all 3]
DNA LibraryN/A
CPCSD Acala C-225
PI 590568
PVP 9500225
SA 2289
PI 590568 PVPO
Maternal Parent Of
Germplasm Name Description Type
NemX x SJ-2, B1F1population
NemX x SJ-2, B2F1population
NemX x SJ-2, F2population
NemX x SJ-2, RILpopulation
In Collection
In Collection
Name ID used in Collection External Database
NPGS Cotton Plant Variety Protection (USA)PVP 9500225
Pedigrees of Upland and Pima Cultivars (v2005)Pedigree-U028
GRIN NPGS Cotton Collection (USA)PI 590568 PVPOGRIN:
Population Map
NameTypePopulationTypeGenome Group
NemX x SJ-2, RIL (2005)geneticRILAD
GB713 x Nem-X, F2 (2011)geneticF2AD
Pima-S7 x NemX, F2 (2011)geneticF2AD
Paternal Parent Of
Germplasm Name Description Type
NemX x Pima S-7, F2population
GB713 x Nem-X, F2population
Pima-S7 x NemX, F2population
Ssr Genotype Data
Total 104 records
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# Dataset Marker Marker Type Genotype Marker_Allele
1NCGC SNTD 2015 - SSRdpl0094genetic_marker197|243dpl0094_197; dpl0094_243
2NCGC SNTD 2015 - SSRdpl0520genetic_marker187|195dpl0520_187; dpl0520_195
3NCGC SNTD 2015 - SSRstv0023genetic_marker140|145stv0023_140; stv0023_145
4NCGC SNTD 2015 - SSRbnl2496genetic_marker145|150bnl2496_145; bnl2496_150
5NCGC SNTD 2015 - SSRbnl0569genetic_marker135|143bnl0569_135; bnl0569_143
6NCGC SNTD 2015 - SSRcir0307genetic_marker167|177cir0307_167; cir0307_177
7NCGC SNTD 2015 - SSRbnl1417genetic_marker99|99bnl1417_99; bnl1417_99
8NCGC SNTD 2015 - SSRcir0203genetic_marker257|257cir0203_257; cir0203_257
9NCGC SNTD 2015 - SSRdpl0600genetic_marker168|168dpl0600_168; dpl0600_168
10NCGC SNTD 2015 - SSRtmb0514genetic_marker193|197tmb0514_193; tmb0514_197
11NCGC SNTD 2015 - SSRbnl4030genetic_marker114|114bnl4030_114; bnl4030_114
12NCGC SNTD 2015 - SSRbnl4071genetic_marker213|232bnl4071_213; bnl4071_232
13NCGC SNTD 2015 - SSRjespr0008genetic_marker273|273jespr0008_273; jespr0008_273
14NCGC SNTD 2015 - SSRtmb0382genetic_marker179|179tmb0382_179; tmb0382_179
15NCGC SNTD 2015 - SSRbnl0387genetic_marker204|212bnl0387_204; bnl0387_212
16NCGC SNTD 2015 - SSRjespr0300genetic_marker198|207jespr0300_198; jespr0300_207
17NCGC SNTD 2015 - SSRtmb1295genetic_marker215|220tmb1295_215; tmb1295_220
18NCGC SNTD 2015 - SSRtmb0799genetic_marker150|178tmb0799_150; tmb0799_178
19NCGC SNTD 2015 - SSRjespr0153genetic_marker96|113jespr0153_96; jespr0153_113
20NCGC SNTD 2015 - SSRgh048genetic_marker85|85gh048_85; gh048_85
21NCGC SNTD 2015 - SSRbnl1551genetic_marker174|174bnl1551_174; bnl1551_174
22NCGC SNTD 2015 - SSRbnl2572genetic_marker249|249bnl2572_249; bnl2572_249
23NCGC SNTD 2015 - SSRcir0286genetic_marker124|130cir0286_124; cir0286_130
24NCGC SNTD 2015 - SSRjespr0274genetic_marker101|119jespr0274_101; jespr0274_119
25NCGC SNTD 2015 - SSRdpl0168genetic_marker213|239dpl0168_213; dpl0168_239
File NameLegendDataset
SA-2289_CS12-2714_IMG_4578_L.jpg[SA-2289] leaf, College Station Plot# 2713, 2012NCGC digital imaging (College Station, 2012)
SA-2289_CS12-2714_MG_3386_LB.jpg[SA-2289] leaf close up of the back surface, College Station Plot# 2714, 2012NCGC digital imaging (College Station, 2012)
SA-2289_CS12-2714_MG_6950_B.jpg[SA-2289] green boll, College Station Plot# 2714, 2012NCGC digital imaging (College Station, 2012)
SA-2289_CS12-2714_MG_6951_BO.jpg[SA-2289] boll open, College Station Plot# 2714, 2012NCGC digital imaging (College Station, 2012)
SA-2289_CS12-2714_MG_6952_BN.jpg[SA-2289] boll showing nectaries, College Station Plot# 2714, 2012NCGC digital imaging (College Station, 2012)
Phenotypic Data
Phenotypic Data
Total 58 trait scores
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# Dataset Descriptor Value Environment Replication Plot
1NCGC germplasm evaluation, Before2006leaf colorgreenNot Available
2NCGC germplasm evaluation, Before2006lint colorwhiteNot Available
3NCGC germplasm evaluation, CS12boll colorgreenUS_TX_CS_20122714
4NCGC germplasm evaluation, CS12boll gossypol glandsheavyUS_TX_CS_20122714
5NCGC germplasm evaluation, CS12boll nectariespresentUS_TX_CS_20122714
6NCGC germplasm evaluation, CS12boll pittingsmoothUS_TX_CS_20122714
7NCGC germplasm evaluation, CS12boll pointbluntUS_TX_CS_20122714
8NCGC germplasm evaluation, CS12boll shapecone ovalUS_TX_CS_20122714
9NCGC germplasm evaluation, CS12boll sizemediumUS_TX_CS_20122714
10NCGC germplasm evaluation, CS12bract colorsun redUS_TX_CS_20122714
11NCGC germplasm evaluation, CS12bract nectariespresentUS_TX_CS_20122714
12NCGC germplasm evaluation, CS12bract teeth sizelargeUS_TX_CS_20122714
13NCGC germplasm evaluation, CS12bract typenormalUS_TX_CS_20122714
14NCGC germplasm evaluation, CS12canopy typetypicalUS_TX_CS_20122714
15NCGC germplasm evaluation, CS12leaf colorgreenUS_TX_CS_20122714
16NCGC germplasm evaluation, CS12leaf gossypol glandsmediumUS_TX_CS_20122714
17NCGC germplasm evaluation, CS12leaf shapenormalUS_TX_CS_20122714
18NCGC germplasm evaluation, CS12leaf sizemediumUS_TX_CS_20122714
19NCGC germplasm evaluation, CS12lint colorwhiteUS_TX_CS_20122714
20NCGC germplasm evaluation, CS12plant shapenormalUS_TX_CS_20122714
21NCGC germplasm evaluation, CS12plot maturitymore than half openUS_TX_CS_20122714
22NCGC germplasm evaluation, CS12population homogeneityuniformUS_TX_CS_20122714
23NCGC germplasm evaluation, CS12seed fuzz grademediumUS_TX_CS_20122714
24NCGC germplasm evaluation, CS12stem colorsun redUS_TX_CS_20122714
25NCGC germplasm evaluation, CS12stem gossypol glandsmediumUS_TX_CS_20122714