06270 (PI 630176)

Germplasm Overview
Name06270 (PI 630176)
AliasGB 1413 [view all 3]
GRIN IDPI 630176
TypeBreeding Germplasm
SpeciesGossypium barbadense
In Collection[view all]
Origin CountryUzbekistan
Origin DetailUzbekistan
Maternal ParentN/A
Paternal ParentN/A
Maternal Parent ofN/A
Paternal Parent ofN/A
Phenotypic Data[view all 58]
SSR Genotype Data[view all 104]
SNP Genotype DataN/A
DNA LibraryN/A
GB 1413
PI 630176
In Collection
In Collection
Name ID used in Collection External Database
NCGC Gossypium barbadense Collection (USA)GB-1413
GRIN NPGS Cotton Collection (USA)PI 630176GRIN:
Ssr Genotype Data
Total 104 records
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# Dataset Marker Marker Type Genotype Marker_Allele
1NCGC SNTD 2015 - SSRdpl0094genetic_marker197|228dpl0094_197; dpl0094_228
2NCGC SNTD 2015 - SSRdpl0520genetic_marker179|195dpl0520_179; dpl0520_195
3NCGC SNTD 2015 - SSRstv0023genetic_marker137|155stv0023_137; stv0023_155
4NCGC SNTD 2015 - SSRbnl2496genetic_marker148|152bnl2496_148; bnl2496_152
5NCGC SNTD 2015 - SSRbnl0569genetic_marker130|160bnl0569_130; bnl0569_160
6NCGC SNTD 2015 - SSRcir0307genetic_marker167|167cir0307_167; cir0307_167
7NCGC SNTD 2015 - SSRbnl1417genetic_marker93|93bnl1417_93; bnl1417_93
8NCGC SNTD 2015 - SSRcir0203genetic_marker247|247cir0203_247; cir0203_247
9NCGC SNTD 2015 - SSRdpl0600genetic_marker168|168dpl0600_168; dpl0600_168
10NCGC SNTD 2015 - SSRtmb0514genetic_marker193|203tmb0514_193; tmb0514_203
11NCGC SNTD 2015 - SSRbnl4030genetic_marker112|116bnl4030_112; bnl4030_116
12NCGC SNTD 2015 - SSRbnl4071genetic_marker216|261bnl4071_216; bnl4071_261
13NCGC SNTD 2015 - SSRjespr0008genetic_marker252|252jespr0008_252; jespr0008_252
14NCGC SNTD 2015 - SSRtmb0382genetic_marker185|185tmb0382_185; tmb0382_185
15NCGC SNTD 2015 - SSRbnl0387genetic_marker220|220bnl0387_220; bnl0387_220
16NCGC SNTD 2015 - SSRjespr0300genetic_marker210|215jespr0300_210; jespr0300_215
17NCGC SNTD 2015 - SSRtmb1295genetic_markerx|xtmb1295_x; tmb1295_x
18NCGC SNTD 2015 - SSRtmb0799genetic_marker150|168tmb0799_150; tmb0799_168
19NCGC SNTD 2015 - SSRjespr0153genetic_marker101|145jespr0153_101; jespr0153_145
20NCGC SNTD 2015 - SSRgh048genetic_marker76|90gh048_76; gh048_90
21NCGC SNTD 2015 - SSRbnl1551genetic_marker172|172bnl1551_172; bnl1551_172
22NCGC SNTD 2015 - SSRbnl2572genetic_marker235|235bnl2572_235; bnl2572_235
23NCGC SNTD 2015 - SSRcir0286genetic_marker118|124cir0286_118; cir0286_124
24NCGC SNTD 2015 - SSRjespr0274genetic_marker105|113jespr0274_105; jespr0274_113
25NCGC SNTD 2015 - SSRdpl0168genetic_marker212|249dpl0168_212; dpl0168_249
File NameLegendDataset
GB-1413_CS14-2901_5D3_7588_LB.jpg[GB-1413] leaf close up of the back surface, College Station Plot-2901, 2014NCGC digital imaging (College Station, 2014)
GB-1413_CS14-2901_5D3_7589_ST.jpg[GB-1413] stem, College Station Plot-2901, 2014NCGC digital imaging (College Station, 2014)
GB-1413_CS14-2901_IMG_7682_L.jpg[GB-1413] leaf, College Station Plot-2901, 2014NCGC digital imaging (College Station, 2014)
GB-1413_CS14-2901_MG_6516_F.jpg[GB-1413] flower, College Station Plot-2901, 2014NCGC digital imaging (College Station, 2014)
GB-1413_CS14-2901_MG_6517_FO.jpg[GB-1413] flower open, College Station Plot-2901, 2014NCGC digital imaging (College Station, 2014)
GB-1413_CS14-2901_MG_9043_B.jpg[GB-1413] green boll, College Station Plot-2901, 2014NCGC digital imaging (College Station, 2014)
GB-1413_CS14-2901_MG_9044_BN.jpg[GB-1413] boll showing nectaries, College Station Plot-2901, 2014NCGC digital imaging (College Station, 2014)
GB-1413_CS14-2901_MG_9045_B.jpg[GB-1413] green boll, College Station Plot-2901, 2014NCGC digital imaging (College Station, 2014)
GB-1413_CS14-2901_MG_9046_BO.jpg[GB-1413] boll open, College Station Plot-2901, 2014NCGC digital imaging (College Station, 2014)
Phenotypic Data
Phenotypic Data
Total 58 trait scores
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# Dataset Descriptor Value Environment Replication Plot
1NCGC germplasm evaluation, Before2006leaf colorgreenNot Available
2NCGC germplasm evaluation, Before2006lint colorwhiteNot Available
3NCGC germplasm evaluation, Before2006petal coloryellowNot Available
4NCGC germplasm evaluation, Before2006petal spotmediumNot Available
5NCGC germplasm evaluation, Before2006plot maturitymore than half openNot Available
6NCGC germplasm evaluation, Before2006pollen coloryellowNot Available
7NCGC germplasm evaluation, Before2006trichome density on leafnoneNot Available
8NCGC germplasm evaluation, Before2006plant height (m)1.2Not Available
9NCGC germplasm evaluation, Before2006productiveness13-24 per plantNot Available
10NCGC germplasm evaluation, CS14boll colordark greenUS_TX_CS_20142901
11NCGC germplasm evaluation, CS14boll gossypol glandsheavyUS_TX_CS_20142901
12NCGC germplasm evaluation, CS14boll nectariespresentUS_TX_CS_20142901
13NCGC germplasm evaluation, CS14boll pittingpittedUS_TX_CS_20142901
14NCGC germplasm evaluation, CS14boll pointpointedUS_TX_CS_20142901
15NCGC germplasm evaluation, CS14boll shapecone ovalUS_TX_CS_20142901
16NCGC germplasm evaluation, CS14boll sizemediumUS_TX_CS_20142901
17NCGC germplasm evaluation, CS14bract colorgreenUS_TX_CS_20142901
18NCGC germplasm evaluation, CS14bract nectariespresentUS_TX_CS_20142901
19NCGC germplasm evaluation, CS14bract teeth numbermediumUS_TX_CS_20142901
20NCGC germplasm evaluation, CS14bract teeth sizelargeUS_TX_CS_20142901
21NCGC germplasm evaluation, CS14bract typenormalUS_TX_CS_20142901
22NCGC germplasm evaluation, CS14canopy typetypicalUS_TX_CS_20142901
23NCGC germplasm evaluation, CS14fruiting typenormalUS_TX_CS_20142901
24NCGC germplasm evaluation, CS14leaf colorgreenUS_TX_CS_20142901
25NCGC germplasm evaluation, CS14leaf gossypol glandsheavyUS_TX_CS_20142901